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Ahoy offers three balanced, bright and enticing varietals from high-caliber American grapes: red, white and sparkling rose. Ahoy is presented in brightly colored canned “vessels” with Ahoy’s new lighthouse branded icon: red for red wine; fuschia for rose wine; and turquoise for white wine. Each can is 8.4 ounces and is offered in 4-packs for approximately $13.99.

We are looking for branded lifestyle shots of our wine used in an outdoor setting. There should be a good use of natural light and optimize for a nautical theme given an opportunity. Images will be used for Ahoy's new website and social media channels as we prepare for our initial launch.

The image price reflects all re-reimbursement costs for purchasing 1 product. Currently, Ahoy is ONLY available at BevMo retailers in California. So you must purchase the product there. Enjoy some wine and try to submit nautical theme photos. We will but multiple photos featuring: Boats, docks, marinas, kayaks, standup paddleboards, and surfboards are all good subjects. But we are open to others. Both product photos and lifestyle photos WITH our product welcome.

This Request is for invited photographers or shooters and above photographers. Creators in California near a Beverages and More are only able to shoot. Our product retails for approx $13.99 each (prices may vary by location) and the price of the photo is inclusive of reimbursement of our product. You must purchase one product for any photos to be considered. You can find a store near you here: http://www.bevmo.com/storelocator.

We will be purchasing multiple shots.

Branded product shots will only be considered.

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6MP+ (ex: 2816x2112px+)
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4 years ago - @AhoyWines Thanks for the purchase and feedback! 😎🍷
5 years ago - @canutsl As you level up you can submit more entries. Read about leveling up in your stats.
5 years ago - Thanks for the nominations.😎
5 years ago - Why can I only upload 2 photo entries.
5 years ago - Ahoy Wines is available at ALL BevMo stores in California. We are not on BevMo.com yet. You do not have to purchase all three SKUs.
5 years ago - Hi! We are located in Oakland, CA and would love to shoot for you but at least on their website it doesn't seem that BevMo! is actually selling your product. Any advice?
5 years ago - Hope my water photos are liked.
5 years ago - Sorry reimbursements are included in low price😬😬
5 years ago - And it seems refunds are only for image purchased...higher price might give incentive
5 years ago - Did you want all 3 kinds in the shot? Because then that costs over 50 to buy the product
5 years ago - The product is 17.99 a four pack a
5 years ago - How can I apply to shoot this photo request.
5 years ago - You must buy the product at Beverages and More retailers based in California USA