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I need creative images of various musical instruments to be used in an app that sells event tickets. Landscape format only please.

The photos should focus on instruments such as the violin, guitar, cello, viola, piano, brass, percussion, etc. Focus on the instrument itself or someone playing, it however the face of person shouldn't be visible/recognisable.

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9 years ago - Both broad shots and closeups are fine, as long as they are in landscape and look like they're in some sort of venue, preferably inside. E.g. I wouldn't be able to use an image of guitar laying on the carpet at home. As for colour scheme, it doesn't matter as I can alter the colours and look later.
9 years ago - I can post alternate versions of the shot I just uploaded in different colored tints if you're looking for more of a pop look
9 years ago - Would you prefer more close ups or broad shots? Any specific colors that you are looking to have present?