Lake Como, Italy region

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We want to see authentic photos of the Region of Italy: Lake Como. Include images of villas, churches, and vistas.

This is a specific region request for Lake Como, Italy. Please stay away from generic images of Italy.

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9 years ago - Stupid voice text. I meant to say I joined Snapwire after this challenge was closed. I have several photos from Lake Como that are quite lovely, a few are on my profile and if you'd like to see more I'd be happy to upload them. Just let me know, thanks.
9 years ago - Hi, I join snap ware after this challenge was closed. I have several beautiful pictures of late, if you want to see them. If you are on my profile but I can upload several more if you'd like. Let me know.
9 years ago - Oh man that's where I'm from! Except now I live in Las Vegas. Looking forward to seeing the submissions!