For the Love of Photography

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We are looking for images that show Photographers at work!

Photographers go to great lengths to get the shots they want, whether shooting an event, setting up the perfect shot, or putting in long hours in the studio. Submit your original photo that shows how much you love being a photographer or a photographer doing whatever it takes to get that amazing shot.

Clickbooq will judge entries based on creativity, quality, originality, and embodiment of the theme, “for the love of photography”. The winning image will receive $150 and a clickbooq PRO Annual subscription ($288 value).

Share your images on social media with the hashtag #loveofphotography to be eligible for the PRO annual Subscription.

Clickbooq is the premiere website builder specially designed for photographers to showcase their work in a visually stunning format. Attract top-tier clients and maximize your online presence with clickbooq's easy-to-use, all-in-one website design and management solution.

The winning photo will also be featured on Clickbooq’s website and Clickbooq’s social media channels.

Additional Requirements
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8 years ago - Thank you for the invite! Will not disappoint!!!
8 years ago - @snapwire Are photos now sorted by user levels? So under leading, all "Pro" photos appear first?
8 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!!
8 years ago - @Clickbooq thank you for the invite, fingers crossed you nominate my photo 📷
8 years ago - thank you !
8 years ago - what this
8 years ago - Thanks very much for the nomination, really appreciate it
8 years ago - thank you so match
8 years ago - I would highly appreciate feedback on my entries/gallery. I am new to photography and any hints help. Thanks :)
8 years ago - thank you very mush
8 years ago - hey
8 years ago - great very nice
8 years ago - I would love a nomination if any of my photos are deserving of one. I also love any kind of feedback I can possible get that will help me become a better photog.
8 years ago - thank you so match for this aplication ...
8 years ago - great
8 years ago - all successful shot) 📷📷
8 years ago - @Clickbooq - Thank you very much for the nomination, it's greatly appreciated! :-)