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We need supporting images for a magazine article about the Big Sur Coast and the Esalen Institute.

Photos should evoke a "reflection" and "retreat" feeling, since many people visit Esalen/Esalen Institute and the Big Sur Coast to escape from everyday life. It is a location with breath-taking natural beauty. We need several images with and without people. Perhaps people reflecting in the hot springs or doing yoga at the Institute.

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8 years ago - Nice! was just down there 2 weeks ago! Absolutely gorgeous area!
8 years ago - @Tyler Linahan - That would be great if you'd like to resubmit them again. The other posting we will use for the cover; whereas these images are to support the story inside. Any shots of 1-2 people reflecting in the beauty of the coast would be great to have for the story. Thanks!
8 years ago - Do you want me to resubmit all of my images from the previous request to this one? Any specific types of supporting images, or things you don't want in this request?