Serene Moments

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We’re looking for images of less populated spots around the U.S. were people can get away. Think places of “Zen” with no clutter and little noise where you can relax and hide away for a bit. Images should be bright and not too busy. No close ups of people.

We will be selecting multiple shots at $25 a photo so upload plenty. Photos will be used for Instagram and photographer’s Instagram handle may be tagged for attribution.

The use of vehicles currently offered by Dollar (to be found on is encouraged but not required.

Images that include people should do so without the individuals as the main focus. Images will be used on the brand’s Instagram account and other various social platforms.

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Model Release :
Paid Post to Instagram :
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7 years ago - Thank you so very much for the purchase!
7 years ago - Thank you so much for the purchase :)
7 years ago - @Dollarcarrental just wondering if you're nominating so we can get the best idea what you're looking for? Haven't been excited about a request in awhile lol.
7 years ago - Uploaded I hope its useful. Thanks AG
7 years ago - Yes, that's fine. Thank you for reaching out!
7 years ago - I too have similar photos to what is given for inspiration but it is not US, To upload or not to upload is the question
7 years ago - Same question.......only US?
7 years ago - Only US ?
7 years ago - Only in U.S. ?