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We're looking for a hero image of an overhead view of a modern personal work station that includes a desk, laptop, personal items and a person.

We love the beauty and character of the shots on this site and want you to explore ways to make this photo unique, but there are a few detailed requirements:
1. The shot must be an overhead shot directly over the person, laptop & desk
2. The laptop screen should be clearly visible, tilted as much as reasonable for actual use (we WILL be placing a screen shot on it, and it's important for that screen shot to be visible)
3. The desk / table should be modern and unique. Also, it should fit placement in the home, office or outdoors (we will set the overhead photo against completely different floor samples as part of the messaging)
4. The person at the desk should be ~20-30 yo, well groomed, hip and dressed ambiguously for home, work or outdoor (e.g., black t-shirts work well to make the setting ambiguous; avoid specific attire like a tie). Ideally their hands are engaged with the things on the desk to some degree (i.e., on keyboard, pen in hand, etc.)
5. The desk items should feel very unique. Use at least the following: coffee, a notebook - with some writing, preferably a to-do list or appointment schedule, and 1-2 other personal items (i.e., headphones, cell phone, glasses). Also, they should NOT be sloppy, but not perfectly organized either. Neat, but natural.

Nice to haves:
6. We'll be using different floor cuts to place this desk on, so it would be helpful to have some small gap between the person and desk that shows the floor, so it looks more natural when it's replaced
7. A wide angle shot is always helpful because then we can choose how to crop it
8. If the laptop screen is not viewable from above, we will also consider a tablet laid flat on the table or in the person's hands in its place

We're looking for shots similar to (but much higher quality than) those included. None met the feel of the website we're looking for, which is like the style of frankandoak.com, warbyparker.com, harrys.com, djones.com and gilt.com to name a few. If it's helpful, we can also provide mock-ups of the webpage where it will be used so you can match the feel of the rest of the site.


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8 years ago - I took some more pictures last night before the submissions ended with a wooden desk instead of the glass one. Hopefully, you like them.
8 years ago - @Maksim Efremov, I talked it over with our designer and I don't think we can use the glass table this time (maybe in future). Also, I added a wish list for accessories. I like the model, computer and tree you have in yours. If you can work with a different table, you're very close.
8 years ago - @all, based on submissions here's a wish list for the accessories: MacBook Pro, Warby Parker style glasses, Bonsai/Bamboo plant, iPhone (6 if possible), disposable Starbucks cup, leather key chain/fob, small stack of small notebooks/books, folded newspaper (NYT or WSJ)/Fast Company magazine.
8 years ago - Submitted some new photos for You. Best regards Helena
8 years ago - Thank You for the feedback. Will try my best. Best regards Helena
8 years ago - Please let me know if you are satisfied with the new glass table pictures that I recently shot or you need specifically wooden table?
8 years ago - Taking a few more photos soon!
8 years ago - I am up to my photo posting limit! Please let me know if you like the one I just posted ✌️✌️
8 years ago - Your wish is my command. I'll take a couple more pics once i have a model.
8 years ago - @Sarah Mendelsohn, like the style of what you have here, but the shot does not meet the requirements for the contest. Please have a look a the briefing and the other submissions for details.
8 years ago - @Issam, HA! great photo :) Won't work for us unfortunately, but put a smile on my face anyway
8 years ago - @Aref JDEY, great desk tone, lighting, alignment and props. However, the shot does not meet the requirements. PLEASE consider reshooting with following changes: 1. Use laptop instead of desktop (mac preferred) 2. Arrange elements more naturally, less straight lines 3. Need a person and wider
8 years ago - @Rebecca Stephen, second submissions are also good quality. Couple of comments for improvement: 1. Like the table, the personal items and person 2. Can you shoot with brighter lighting? Looks dim there 3. Can you align shot as much directly overhead as possible (looks askew)
8 years ago - @Maksim Efremov, the picture with the clear table is REALLY interesting. Since our floor will be changing, it may take some serious photo shop skills to replace it, so I'll get back to you if we can use it (I'd like to). Everything looks good, but can you turn table side ways, so more table on left.
8 years ago - @Maksim Efremov, the pictures with the lamp and bear are good concepts, but too dark of a lighting tone than we want. Can you: 1. Remove the lamp. One setting we will use the picture for is outdoor and that wouldn't make sense 2. Remove the bear. Try another personal item, but work appropriate
8 years ago - @Mike Glatzer, really like the tone, color and quality of your shot, but it's far too zoomed in. Need much more in the picture, please see creative brief or nominated photos for examples.
8 years ago - @Helena Olson, good elements but photo does NOT meet requirements in creative brief. Please read through and update for consideration. Also, please no desktop as one of the settings we take the desk to may be outdoors.
8 years ago - @Fiedi Z, good submission, like the bow in the hair, nice touch. Please consider for improvements: 1. a more interesting (but not distracting) table 2. additional elements (glasses, notes, pens) to add interest (feels plain) 3. do you have a mac for the shot?
8 years ago - @Grace Macjones, your photo elements and lighting look interesting, however this entry doesn't meet the requirements. Please review the creative brief to see detailed requirements if you'd like to reshoot for consideration.
8 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!
8 years ago - Thanks for the invite, just submitted some shots for us to work with.
8 years ago - @aasimsaeed I will try my best. I'll post more pics tomorrow
8 years ago - @Rebecca Stephan, these are GREAT submissions, definitely leading the pack. Think you've got all the right elements, and we'd love to see more versions. Can you offer a some more options? i.e., try different elements, models, lighting, etc combinations (if possible).
8 years ago - @Janelle Putrich, the elements here are intriguing, but shot does not meet requirements. Please review the creative brief and see the nominated photos for examples. Hope you submit another version :)
8 years ago - @Maksin Efremov, submissions meet the technical requirements (thank you), but they look a bit forced. For example: 1. the props look unnatural, glasses don't match what she's wearing 2. the table is plain and very dark - prefer the look of the floor 3. overhead shot is unflattering to the model
8 years ago - @Marianna Barbuto, elements look interesting here, but photo does not meet the requirements. If you can reshoot to meet requirements (please see the creative brief), we'd be interested to see where it goes from here.
8 years ago - @Sam Ciurdar - like this scene and the elements you've chosen. Can you zoom out, and give us a person in the picture? and perhaps a bit more light. One scene we may place this on is outdoor which would have natural light.
8 years ago - @Skylar Smith, right direction. Couple of things to potentially improve: 1. do you have a less sporty water bottle? w/o such a large brand name in front 2. need a laptop, not desktop 3. Table is pretty bland, needs character 4. we want the person in the scene. See some of the nominated potos
8 years ago - Some people never seem to look at the brief or requirements or completely ignore them.
8 years ago - Hi everyone, please make sure to look at the requirements for this Request as the Buyer is looking for a very specific photo. Happy Shooting!