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Looking for an image of a bundle of electronic wires in multiple colours tied up with string. The wire bundle should not extend outside the frame and should be shot on a clean white background.

One of the source images shows a ceremonial bundle of cedar leaves tied in string. The shoot should recreate this image as closely as possible using electronic wires instead of cedar leaves. The wires can be bound with either string, other wires. or cable ties.

NOTE: The final use of the image will be altered electronically. The creator of the chosen image will be fully credited in all editions of the book.

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6 years ago - Thank you for the purchase, I am honored! 😊
6 years ago - Hi @Duncan Thank you very much for the nominations 😄 it’s an honour!
6 years ago - thank you for nomination, I really appreciate it!
6 years ago - Thank you for the nominations 😊
6 years ago - @Duncan. I greatly appreciate the invite! I always enjoy creating images for your book covers.
6 years ago - @Duncan N. Campbell could I possibly get an invite good sir?
6 years ago - @Duncan, there’s so many great photos of wire bundles that I thought I try something a little different. Hope you’ll consider cables too. Thanks for offering this opportunity !
6 years ago - hello, I have made my 1st attempt at this app, sadly I am "tech-tarded" and can't figure out how to submit my photos.
6 years ago - I'm uploading some now. Just give me some feedback if there is something you want to change. Thanks!
6 years ago - Hello Mr. Duncan Noel Campbell, Thank you so much for offering this request! I uploaded 2 photos and will add some other different work too. I would like to ask if you have any specific requests such as the image of the wires or thickness of the bundle etc., I will sure to make the changes! CarrieQ
6 years ago - Its for a book called "A Digital Bundle" that explores ways that Indigenous Scholars are approaching the dissemination of Traditional Knowledge with new technology.
6 years ago - Hi @Luna-P. yes you are correct. I am looking for photos of electronic wires that are bundled in the style of a smudge stick. Photos 2 and 3 are there to drive home the idea that i am looking for a bundle of wires, not an actual smudge stick.
6 years ago - Just looking for some clarification... your first example photo appears to be of a smudge stick, not wires. Is this an example of how you would like them bundled? Because wires are typically bundled as example photo 3 shows
6 years ago - Hello! I uploaded few photos for you. Please let me know if you want me to change anything :)
6 years ago - I mean thank you so much..sorry for the typo
6 years ago - UnfortunatelyThank you so much for the invite.. I would love to work on this fun project but unfortunately I’m in Disney World right now ..will try
6 years ago - Thank you for the invite
6 years ago - You're very welcome @neohxc!
6 years ago - Thanks for the invite!
6 years ago - You're welcome @nodar77!
6 years ago - Thank you for the invite!