Ominous Front Door of a 1920s building

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I'm looking for an artistic image of an exterior door to an institutional building built around 1920. Rather than a documentary type image, Im looking for an evocative, artistic shot that should convey a subtle sense of anxiety and apprehension.

Dramatic lighting would be preferred and the door could be either shot in daylight or evening. Use of filters and unusual effects are encouraged.

The doors (double doors) should be closed.

This image will be used on the book cover of a memoir a woman's experience inside a mental institution. The memoir is essentially positive, though it does cover some harrowing events so the image should not be over-the-top scary, but it should convey a subtle sense of unease or anxiety.

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8 years ago - @Duncan Noel Campbell, may I ask the name/author of the book the image will be used for? Would love to buy a copy of the book once published.
8 years ago - yes, thanks @CarrieFinalKaye. We're very pleased with the image. And thank you to all the people who submitted such great photographs for the project. We were spoiled for choice!
8 years ago - Yes, well done @Carrie Fijal Kaye, great shot!
8 years ago - Thank you @Alan Clark
8 years ago - Well done @ Carrie Fijal Kaye
8 years ago - @Duncan Noel Campbell Thank you so much for the purchase, so glad you like my photograph!
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8 years ago - thank you for nominating my photo, it was fun walking the city taking dozens of photos of doors with people staring 😀, great project!!
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8 years ago - Question. I know the brief states double doors. Are you open to single door or should I delete my pics. Thanks
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