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About us: Experi designs and invents group travel programs that focus on the authentic, wonderful, and unique.

What we're looking for: People engaging in authentic experiences, beautiful and unique photos of the region, and details that give you a sense of place. NO photos that were not taken in Tuscany.

The authentic experiences (all should include people): exploring villages, shopping, wine tasting, cooking classes/cooking, Italian dining experiences, foraging/boar hunting, making olive oil, attending Mass, making cheese, people interacting with locals.

Photos of the region: Cortona, Pienza, Florence, Tuscany as a whole

Detail photos: In addition to descriptive photos, we'd like detail/textural images to help balance scale and give a feel for the small intimate moments you have when you travel. Examples: great food shots, a detail of leather goods at a market, olives on the tree, etc.

If there are people in the photo, a mix of ages or a group of adults is ideal. No photos of kids or teenagers please.

Aesthetically we want images that feel authentic - nothing overly posed or artificial. The tone should be rich and dark. No HDR photos, no saccharine over-processed colors. No instagram filters please. Dramatic but real lighting is always a plus. See photos below for examples of our vibe as well as www.experi.com.


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