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We are looking for lifestyle images for our agency.

We are looking for lifestyle images to increase our company's marketing collection, which we regularly use for our clients.

General Direction: These should be more lifestyle images and not portraits. People should not be looking at the camera. Should feel like you are capturing a moment. We are looking for all ethnicities and all ages. Please, no tank tops/spaghetti straps, people kissing, or people drinking alcohol in the photos.

Some options for photos:
- Couples (all ages 30-60+)
- Kids - playing, sports, active
- Kids and parents
- Young adults (16-20) with parents

I have uploaded some of our frequently used photos so you can get an idea of what kind of images we are looking for.

Couples Families Kids People
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9 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!!
9 years ago - @Kim Keate: just uploaded a few different lifestyle images you might be interested in
9 years ago - Only color photos please.
9 years ago - Only color photos? Or also B&W pictures?
9 years ago - @FAM Thanks for this request, I enjoyed looking through my photos to find ones that I felt would match your needs.
9 years ago - Thanks very much for the extra info, Kim!
9 years ago - These images will be used in advertising materials for a large healthcare provider. Examples of use might be print ads for a new physician practice opening, promoting senior services, or cardiovascular screenings. We keep a large collection of images for this client so we can update their look.
9 years ago - Can you please clarify? Are you wanting images for your own stock library that you will then relicense over and over to third parties with no further commission paid? Err....not sure how that is in photographers or snapwire's interests! Perhaps have misunderstood.
9 years ago - Hi... May I ask what your typical clientelle is / what kinds of jobs these images might be used for?
9 years ago - Thanks so much for the nomination!