Young kids playing soccer (Updated)

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Wide action shots of kids playing soccer, in uniform, any age, horizontal and copy space (blank space for text on left or right).

Will be used for a poster that will be wide and narrow and needs empty space for text.

After seeing some of the photos submitted, the client has decided they want to use an action shot. The trouble is a lot of the photos submitted do not fit the layout of the banner. We need the images to have more empty space around the action so we can crop it to fit the banner. Action should be to the left or right side of the photo to leave room for the text. This can be girl or boy and young child through teenager in a soccer uniform. Inspirational images are to show the type of action we are looking for - not the composition of the photo.

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8 years ago - Thanks for the nomination, purchase, and rating!
8 years ago - Thanks everyone for such great submissions! The client was thrilled with all the options they had!
8 years ago - Now it's a limit of 10 uploads, so I won't be able to upload any new pictures here, sorry.
8 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination!
8 years ago - Kim, what about the latest shots, regarding the zooming? It's really hard getting action shots with space on the sides when this young kids play. They always get together as a portion of rise :))
8 years ago - Thank you all for being so proactive! I am really impressed with the quality of photos submitted. @jpatd - I like the photos without all the effects best but need to be zoomed out a little bit
8 years ago - I have a few I can get loaded tomorrow.
8 years ago - The last pic I uploaded is what I'm talking about.
8 years ago - I'll upload what I've got now. It's possible to blur the sides of the action, otherwise I can take more pics tomorrow afternoon but I see that the request is ending before I can upload again.
8 years ago - I'll look at my pics and get back at you.
8 years ago - Thank you for the invitation @snapwire I took note of the update!👊✨
8 years ago - Please check out the updated info and the new inspirational images in the brief. They now need action shots with plenty of copy space. @jpatd do you have any more action shots?
8 years ago - Thanks a lot for the invite! I've uploaded some shots already. I'm open for suggestions.