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We are looking for beautiful inspiring photos that capture 'Spring Where You Live.' Photos must be shot in or near the city you call home.

IF YOUR PHOTO IS NOMINATED: Please use this link http://globalyodel.com/contribute to submit a 'Yodel' to the Global Yodel website for a chance to be featured. There you will be able to answer a short set of interview questions about your work, your city and upload the nominated photo to get featured. (PLEASE NOTE: you must answer ALL the interview questions thoughtfully and thoroughly for consideration). Our favorite Yodel submission to this contest will receive $200.

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6 years ago - Hey everyone I would appreciate if you might take a look at my photo I submitted. Also feel free to check out the rest of my account which is mainly outdoor photos
6 years ago - Hope you like my photos!
6 years ago - Thank you for Nomination
6 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination 😄
6 years ago - Thank you so much for the no
6 years ago - Youre Welcome :)
6 years ago - Thanks for the nomination