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I need images that represent a healthy lifestyle for a manufacturing company to promote their wellness program (posters, brochures and direct mail).

Show active lifestyle choices either with people or without. Bottles of water, workout equipment/attire, scales, happy and healthy people diverse in age, gender and ethnicity. Images with people in them should focus more on average people who just want to keep moving (no body builders). Leave room for text.

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10 years ago - Thanks so much for the purchase! Really appreciate it!
10 years ago - Thanks a lot Greg! I'll post a color version tomorrow!
10 years ago - Thanks Greg, I will keep that in mind. Appreciate the feedback!
10 years ago - Greg, I love that you take the time to nominate the photos and give feedback BEFORE the request ends. Thank you!
10 years ago - @Villalobos @Waldron: I'm a sucker for unique perspectives. Nice work. Allowing the equipment and gear to dominate is a nice approach.
10 years ago - @Matt Brock: Love the composition and how it shows relaxation and activity. Wish it was in color.
10 years ago - @Alieen: Nice implied health in the fruit and surfboards. Would like a bit more (fruit) and possibly some space for text in both. Good color!
10 years ago - @ tyler: Like the composition and color in the climber image. Seems to be a bit blurry (motion?). Active shots in nature are great.
10 years ago - Hopefully my barrage of uploads wasn't too much! If you want specific edits or corrections done I'd be more than happy to do so :)
10 years ago - So good !!!