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I need images that represent traveling that would be used for a travel industry employer to promote their travel perks.

Show travel related items (like luggage, passports, and anything else that comes to mind). Planning and packing for a vacation adventure, business or camping trip. Shots should be easily recognizable and approachable. Colorful and fun with room for text and copy. Would be used on posters, direct mail, website, and email campaign ads.

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9 years ago - I'm with you Tyler! It's always cool seeing where your work ends up. Tough to do with selling shots like this though. Usually it goes off and you don't ever hear back where or if it was used. Can't wait to see which image(s) they use.
9 years ago - If you choose it. Haha I commented in the wrong thread here :/
9 years ago - I would love to see the material my photo ends up in. Could you let me know somehow? Thanks! :)
9 years ago - @ mark Weinburg: :Like the balcony shot. Would like to see a table/coffee or something like that beside the chair.
9 years ago - @alina: last comment was regarding frontal image of woman on street with bag in hands...
9 years ago - @Alina Tsvor: I like this, but the color is too gray. Any way to make it more fun, active and colorful?
9 years ago - @ David Brown: would like to see more travel items in the bag. Sunscreen, sunglasses, travel documents etc.
9 years ago - @ Crystal Yang: good composition and color, maybe show sunglasses passport etc?