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Looking for vibrant, sun-filled "anthropologie-style" hammock photos with creative styling and locations to inspire customers + tell brand story.

It's important that the photos communicate our brand story/values: adventure, travel, bohemianism, sustainability, craftmanship, conscious living.

Each Yellow Leaf Hammock is 100% handwoven. Our mission is to create high-wage artisan jobs and empower rural Thai hill tribe communities.

You can read our story here - -


Appeal to the "Anthropologie meets Patagonia" consumer; quality, unique design, intricate craftmanship and 'specialness' must be highlighted in a beautiful, seamless way. Our hammocks sell at a higher price point than most other mainstream hammock sites. We are always trying to to convey quality craftmanship and benefit to the customer.

Design and style are important to our company as we strive to stand apart from generic, factory-made, low-quality hammocks. Every hammock is named for a vacation destination and we try to bring our motto, "Do Good. Relax." into every communication with our community.

Important Shots:

> "Letterbox" photos with plenty of room for text on them.

> Close-ups that highlight the unique weaves

> Seeking a combination of shots with and without people in the hammock (including models, couples, families).

As a jumping off point, we made a quick Pinterest board with some pictures that have a similar feeling to what we're hoping to achieve:


Yellow Leaf Hammocks is dedicated to bringing blissful relaxation to people worldwide through the sale of a unique line of "insanely comfy" handwoven hammocks. With each hammock purchase, customers help generate high wage jobs + a brighter future for artisans trapped in extreme poverty.

As a social enterprise, Yellow Leaf Hammocks uses high-wage job creation to tackle poverty, exploitation, and environmental degradation in some of the poorest communities in Southeast Asia. Many of our weavers were previously trapped in debt slavery, at-risk for trafficking and living on just a few dollars a month. Hammock weaving creates an opportunity to break this cycle of poverty.


See YLH in action: 2 Min Highlight Reel:

B Corp Profile on YLH:

San Francisco Chronicle Profile on YLH:

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8 years ago - Thanks Joe! That was great, and thanks so much for the purchase!
8 years ago - Thanks joe! And Lindley for putting this together (:
8 years ago - Thank you joe. I'm honored to be a part of this selected group!
8 years ago - This is a private, invite only request. Buyer has selected multiple photographers in advance and coordinated delivery of their product. Buyer may purchase photos if the photographer matched their brief details.