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We’re looking for family-focused photography involving group activities and family outings. This can include theme park trips, camping, apple picking, fishing, swimming, skiing, etc. Photos should focus on landscape/scenery rather than the people to avoid looking stocky. Photos can include pets.

We will be selecting multiple shots so upload plenty. Images that include people should do so without the individuals as the main focus. Images will be used on the brand’s Instagram account and other various social platforms. Photographer’s handle may be tagged for attribution.

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6 years ago - Thank you for the nomination and purchase. 😊
6 years ago - hi
6 years ago - Hi @Hertz team, please nominate the photos you think are near to your goal, photographers need to understand better your necessities. Tks. Best regards, Barbara
6 years ago - Uploaded one, hopes it fit what your looking for
6 years ago - uploaded. please have a look. thank you.
6 years ago - hi I upload one photo ,I hope you like them too
6 years ago - Hi!, I uploaded two photos, I hope you like it!
6 years ago - "family focus " can be very broad. my Question is does it apply to humans only? or does pictures of special animal families count?