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We are looking for images from across the United States that showcase activities with friends. Think picnics, backpacking through the mountains, rooftop garden parties, exploring new cities, and road tripping across the country. Images cannot contain alcohol.

Photographers MUST tag location.

Images that include people should do so without the individuals as the main focus. Images will be used on the brand’s Instagram account and other various social platforms. Photographer’s handle may be tagged in select posts for attribution.

Additional Requirements
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Adventure Couples Entertainment Families Holidays Leisure Lifestyle People Transportation
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Messages posted by users

6 years ago - @hertz I have uploaded a photo for your consideration. I'm not sure how to tag a location, my phone automatically does the location in my photo library. Please advise, thank you
6 years ago - wow
6 years ago - Hi there, I just realized I only tagged my photo with the location in the keywords. Just wanted to reiterate that it's in Chicago, IL, USA. Sorry :/
6 years ago - Hy i have some nyc photos but app says pixals are too short on your photos
6 years ago - Only work with USA locations? It's not possible to shoot photos from outside of the USA and then submitted? I'm not from USA and never been there.
6 years ago - ok
6 years ago - Hi, just submitted mine. ;) One question: can you please nominate the images you prefer even the shots are not in USA? Just to let us know how close we are to the goal. Tks!