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We are looking for images from across North America and Europe that showcase luxury travel and destinations. Images should illustrate high end hospitality and travel elements. Think luxury pools and spas, cars packed to the brim with designer suitcases, beaches during sunset, cars on rodeo drive or the Autobon.

Photographers MUST tag location.

The use of vehicles currently offered by The Hertz Corporation (to be found on the Hertz website) is encouraged but not required.

We will be selecting multiple photos so upload plenty. Images will be used on the brand’s global Instagram account and other various social platforms.

Additional Requirements
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6 years ago - like it
6 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!!!
6 years ago - The commandment of you, dear friends, do not mock those who have taken away from you. Perhaps the cruelties of life give them what they do not buy with money.
6 years ago - I hope I can contribute to the world of imagery on this site.
6 years ago - wow
6 years ago - @akshaymujumdar7, you may delete your submission. On iOS open the side bar and click Photo Manager and side swipe a photo to reveal the delete option. On our website, open the side bar navigation and visit Photo Manager and roll over the photo to reveal the "x" to delete a photo.
6 years ago - Sorry. I am new to the app and I accidentally clicked this link. The brand needs pictures from Europe and North America. However, I am a resident of India. I cannot fulfill the brand's requirements. How do I pull out?
6 years ago - It doesn't get any more beautiful than SO. CAL this time of year.
6 years ago - Although all of my photos have natural lighting for some reason I can't enter them because it says that they don't have natural lighting
6 years ago - I also new. I can't understand it
6 years ago - I would like to submit
6 years ago - Hi, Im new on this site, i have some my own photos of Nature. I would to sumbit.
6 years ago - sorry I'm new to this, I have several of my own photos I would love to submit. I'm just wondering if a clip art picture is exceptable? I apologize I may have missed that when I was reading the information regarding the site. Thank you!
6 years ago - Submitted a couple hope you enjoy them.