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We want to see your best photos of awe-inspiring landscape reflections. Show us mesmerizing pictures that make us do a double take. We want to see images that magnify the beauty of any subject by two-fold through the use of water, glass, mirrors, metals or anything that you think might perfectly reflect the magnificence of a landscape. Be unique and keep an eye out for potential shots that will encourage us to debate what’s reflection and what’s reality.

We’ll choose one lucky winner and purchase runner ups from the marketplace, for a total of 15 images purchased!

All Example Images Used Under Creative Commons 2.0 License:
Example 1:©Kris Williams via Flickr
Example 2:©Loïc Lagarde via Flickr
Example 3:©Ole Reidar Johansen via Flickr

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Model Release :
Landscape Nature Adventure
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7 years ago - Thanks for the nomination! I'm wondering if you purposely picked the one that is upside down? The reason I did this is that you said you wanted to create some fun with the reflection. Thanks again!
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7 years ago - Thank you for the nomination. I apologize for getting in late and not being able to submit more by the deadline. Very honored to be in the running.
7 years ago - Thank you for the nomination, I have the nominated picture also in a higher resolution in landscape format, if needed. Best, Geerte
7 years ago - Thanks a million for the nomination, I'm really delighted you've liked this photo. I've updated caption and location info sorry I've missed it. Thank you once again :)
7 years ago - Can anyone tell me how to upload to this competition?
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