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Seeking editorial-style portrait shots of a beautiful female model, focusing on her styled hair. Make-up should be elegant & understated.

We are looking for 4 various images of hairstyles to feature on the brand website to portray inspirational party hairstyles for the festive season.

These will be used with the angle of 'festive / christmas party' styling, but need to maintain a simple, sleek & premium finish (so nothing too 'glitzy').

Considerations as below:
Photos should not look stock.
Background should clear / blank
Styling needs to be elegant, stylish & sophisticated.
Models should look aged 24-30.
Models must NOT look: intimidating / fierce / aggressive
Models SHOULD look: friendly, aspirational, premium, portray an essence of personality
We would need unlimited usage fee for the model online
Hairstyle should NOT look: over-the-top, complicated, "avant-garde"
Hairstyle SHOULD be: elegant, achievable, sophisticated, "red carpet"

$50 PER IMAGE - we are looking for 4

See references for look & feel images desired.
Hairstyles should not need to be identical to the references, but provides a guide for styling of hair

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9 years ago - Do people really not know what festive, holiday hairstyles are? It's not just a selfie of your hair. It's party hair, people.
9 years ago - @Jayati Sareen have uploaded a few photos to your request that maybe be of interest any feedback would be appreciated thanks Alan