Yoga girl in empty gym

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We are looking for a 25 year old girl in grey crop top and grey leggings in a complex yoga position. She needs to be situated in an empty gym, with clear visibility of gym equipment. It's important that she's on her own without anyone else around.
She needs to look fit and toned, a regular gym go-er. Her face should not show too much effort or pain or exertion or overly enjoyed but passionate about her sport and the activity.
She needs to be situated on a gym matt, with gym equipment behind, not as a focal point but reference to indicate where she is. Gym should be cool and modern, not cheesy. Think Nike not stock shot.
The position of the yoga pose should bring out the clothing as that will be the focal point.
The image should be bigger than 20mb if possible.

Closed because I no longer need visuals for this project

I no longer need these photos for my project.

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10MP+ (ex: 3648x2736px+)
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Sports and Recreation

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8 years ago - Closed because I no longer need photos. I no longer need these photos for my project.
8 years ago - Good question! Joanna, any updates at all?
8 years ago - what ever came of this challenge?
8 years ago - @Joanna - We did a quick shoot last night. Please let me know if there's a chance of an extension and if there's anything you'd like to see differently. Nominations for the images you like are also greatly appreciated! :-)