Asian food

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We want authentic photos of Asian food. Quality of images has to be high. Tags need to be detailed what the photos how.

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6 years ago - I'm shooting more Dim Sum tomorrow so if you have any request....
6 years ago - Thank you, for nominating my photographs :)
6 years ago - thanks for the nomination, I still have a full collection of different dim sum if you are interested. let me know
6 years ago - Thank you, I appreciate your nomination.
6 years ago - Hi everyone, thanks for your great submissions. Sorry for not having selected the photos yet but need our photographer to make the selection. By the way we did request for the "original name" of the dish to appear in your tagging. If you still remember the name of the dish please do so. thanks
6 years ago - Hi there. Let me know if you haven't found what you're looking for. I have quite a number of photos of Asian food
6 years ago - Thanks for the opportunity! And thanks to everybody for making me hungry!
6 years ago - hello, do you have any preference? I have uploaded 4 shots but if this is not what you are looking for, additional details would be appreciated. Thanks