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We are on the quest for the best “Face of Asia" image! Asian people represent a diversity of different cultures and we want to show that!

We want to see how you show us the diversity of Asian people in different environments. They need to be in a “Happy” Mood! Be creative! Think of places where they could have a fun moment such as a coffee shop, at work, outdoors, in a mall, with friends or family.

Make them laugh, smile, make them look happy!

It can be one or more models. It can be an individual person, a couple, a group of friends, a family. All age groups, ideally between 20 and 50. Try capture unique angles of the face, the person/s, close ups.

Remember, a Creative Director or Designer has to be able to use these pictures! It’s for commercial use. So make sure you think of every detail like hair, make up and clothes when you create that magic image.

Photographers MUST tag the ETHNICITY of the Asian model (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.) and provide optimal keywords for search.


Below you will find some inspirational images we hope can help you creating a great picture!
The images should be a minimum of 5MB.

Additional Requirements
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Environment :
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Inspirational Images

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7 years ago - @Isabel, just wanted to say thank you for the purchase among all those amazing photographs. It is an honor to have contributed to your great-looking imagery website and I am looking forward to it's final launch :D
7 years ago - Oh. Too bad the ones I got nominated are not what you are looking for :)
7 years ago - Hi Angelinabratukhina@ shame you have no model release. The same for clairekong@ . Thanks for submitting but can only buy images with model release. Isabel
7 years ago - hi guys I will close the request today. Thanks for participating. Please check out our website in case you want to see your images (for the ones we purchase). Thanks Isabel
7 years ago - @Isabel when will the purchasing of nominated photos take place?
7 years ago - @Isabel, thank you very much for the nominations ^^
7 years ago - hm.. as I've checked there are almost no purchased photos ... what's wrong ?
7 years ago - @klaud92016 thank you for the nominations, I'm able to provide model release for all images.
7 years ago - @Isabel, thank you kindly for the nominations. :-)
7 years ago - as the submission is over, feel free to check my profile, able to have model release on request for most portrait
7 years ago - thanks for the 2 nominations
7 years ago - Hi Isabel, are photos in with 5 people fine?
7 years ago - @Jasyn T great job👍👏👏👏👍
7 years ago - Thanks for nominating! :))
7 years ago - @isabel ,thanks for your reply ..I'm uploading some pics which are in landscape mode unfortunately most of the good ones are in portrait ,sorry
7 years ago - @Tat All my 7 pictures are nominated 🙊
7 years ago - @Jaslyn you can delete that pics not nominate and re upload new pics . Good luck and have fun🙏😃🎊
7 years ago - Thank you for nominated again!!
7 years ago - Thanks for the nom Isabel
7 years ago - Thank you for the nomination again. I have met my limit for submission unfortunately
7 years ago - Hi guys thanks for uploading your images. We like your style. Please upload more. Make sure you have model releases available. Will check out your individual portfolios. Thanks and keep it up!
7 years ago - @Sapi, yes of course Indian face works
7 years ago - Thank you , for my first nomination 😊
7 years ago - Please, nominate my work "leelachihiro". I also have lots of Asian faces.
7 years ago - @Isabel hi, does Indian face work?
7 years ago - Please check my portfolio I have lot of Asian faces and will upload more thank you
7 years ago - Thank you for nominations!! Please check my
7 years ago - @Klaud92016 yes.
7 years ago - Thank you for the nominations! Will upload others :)
7 years ago - @shun2u Hi Francis, do you have a model release for all of your images in your portfolio?
7 years ago - I have alot asian faces, perhaps u can check it out in my profile.