Cocktail, Spirit & Wine

Ultimate Beverage Challenge 2018
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Looking for total of 3 shots in same setting/background.

• All 3 glassware (cocktail, spirit & wine)
• 1 with just wine glass only
• 1 with spirit & cocktail only

Drinks need to be in specific glassware; Paloma cocktail in Collins Glass, Whiskey in rocks glass w. 2 medium ice cubes, red wine in Bordeaux-shaped glass.

Natural daylight in background, preferably on a copper/brass counter top. Perhaps partial window out of focus. No objects items in background.

Paloma Cocktail (see reference images for inspiration, color and garnish)
1 part Tequila
2 parts fresh ruby red grapefruit juice
1 part simple syrup
2 parts club soda
Build in order over ice in a tall glass, stirring once before adding soda and once after. Garnish with a lime wedge or grapefruit wedge. Rosemary sprig optional.

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5 years ago - Hi, Larry, also, thanks a lot for the rating too! Have a wonderful weekend〜 Carrie♪
5 years ago - Thank you so much for the purchase, Larry! It is an honor to be part of this challenge and I enjoy your requests and learn so much every time about paying attention to the requirements as well as from many talented photographers. I truly appreciate your requests and purchase! Thanks a lot! Carrie♪
5 years ago - i have some photos in general. how can i get some points to the next level? can you please suggest me some tips.
5 years ago - Hi Larry, Thank you so much for the nominations! Have a good day!★
5 years ago - Ok i try 😏
5 years ago - Thank Larry
5 years ago - @happypepe - yes: Looking for total of 3 shots in same setting/background. • All 3 glassware (cocktail, spirit & wine) • 1 with just wine glass only • 1 with spirit & cocktail only
5 years ago - White
5 years ago - Of must the background be with (daylight)?
5 years ago - And of you need Some copyspace let me know
5 years ago - @larry, coppertop with a in the background a window, im sorry, i cant find one 😁
5 years ago - Are you going to purchase 3 different pictures?
5 years ago - Are you going to
5 years ago - @larry - I can change the background if you prefer something a little more subtle
5 years ago - Thursday are the picture ready Larry 😊
5 years ago - Hi Larry! Well that was the most delicious challenge I've ever worked on :) Thank you for the recipe, loved it! If any of my photos work but aren't quite the angle or lightness/darkness you're envisioning just let me know and I'd be happy to reshoot. Always happy to make another cocktail :)
5 years ago - Thank you for the nominations!
5 years ago - Hello Snapwire, why I can not submit more than 2 photos in this challenge? I saw that for my level should be allowed 5 photos for challenge. Thank you, Ana
5 years ago - Hi Larry! Thanks for the nomination, any feedback on the other two...?
5 years ago - Hi Larry-I uploaded a 6 MB image if you need a higher resolution image please let me know. I used a grapefruit wedge for the cocktails garnish but can reshoot if you like lime and/or salt rim.
5 years ago - Thanks for the nominations!😀
5 years ago - Hi Larry. I would like to know if the photos will fit in a bar, on a copper bar top?
5 years ago - Are the glasses oké?
5 years ago - Yes Larry , i have a copper bar top 😊
5 years ago - Hi Angelique - would like to see more ambient light, perhaps partial window out of focus in background. Also do you have a copper bar top?
5 years ago - Larry can you give Some feedback 😁 background oké ?
5 years ago - Hee Larry youre back! 🎉
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