Hand Selling Wines

May 2017 Cover of Beverage Media
Buyer review complete, Marketplace review

Need close up Macro shot of hands holding a clean/crisp bottle of wine inside a wine shop. Label & neck must be blank (preferably rectangular) OR photoshopped blank, so that Cover text can be placed on top. Store and bottles in background should be out of focus and labels not legible.

Story is about "Hand-Selling" Wines and shows relationship between merchant and consumer.

Prefer natural daylight. Bottle should be a Red wine. Hands should be clean/manicured.

Closed because I no longer need visuals for this project

It was close decision, but ultimately we went with another photographers' submission.

Additional Requirements
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Environment :
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5 years ago - Wich one?
5 years ago - Closed because I no longer need photos for this project. It was close decision, but ultimately we went with another photographers' submission.
5 years ago - Hi @LarryLee as a shooter I can upload only 2 of my shots! Now please invite me to upload more if you need it.. I have lots of shots done for you today in Tuscany. Best from Italy. Barbara
5 years ago - Hi @LarryLee I have two hours today to work for your request,please do not close the challenge before, I come back here uploading soon! ;) Best. Barbara
5 years ago - Thank you @Angelique Rademakers and @Meg P. And thanks a lot for the Nomination!!!
5 years ago - Thank you for the nominations!!
5 years ago - Fantastic shot for this request, Michael. Very well done!
5 years ago - Michael youre picture is to good 😠, im jealous! 😂 congratulations
5 years ago - Having problems uploading a picture, website identify it as Portrait but there are just hands on it.
5 years ago - Thank's Angelique 😊
5 years ago - I'll see what I can do!! 😊
5 years ago - Red wine Ramazan 😊
5 years ago - Hello, but does it matter which wine is red or white?