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Looking for still life photos of Sparkling Wines. Vertical orientation would be ideal, or room to crop to a vertical for our December issue cover.

Looking for Sparkling wine(s) in Natural Setting. Can have 1-2 flutes with possible bottle in background (can be in ice bucket) No people or branding shown.

Prefer daylight with a natural home or restaurant setting. Do NOT want it to look like it was staged or shot on a set. Straight or 45ยบ angle preferred.

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9 years ago - @larrylee I should be able to photoshop that pretty easily. Would you prefer the labels blurred more, or just no label on the bottles altogether?
9 years ago - @philipandersonedsel - just requested Hi-res comps. Do you have any shots where bottles are turned (no labels seen)?
9 years ago - @LarryLee Hey Larry. Had a last minute shoot for this request. I've got a few more angles/perspectives of the images, but I've hit the upload limit. Also, have a higher-res version of each image available. Feel free to let me know if you'd like to see the other images.
9 years ago - Sorry I am new to this, put keywords into description.
9 years ago - @LarryLee can I get a feedback on my submission? Anything else you would like to see? Thank you.
9 years ago - @LarryLee is it ok to have food in the background or do you just want the wine bottles in the background?
9 years ago - @LarryLee Thank you for the feedback!
9 years ago - @LarryLee Ok great! Would you mind taking a look and seeing if any of the ones I submitted have any potential and or if there is something you would prefer to see? Thank you!
9 years ago - labels can be blurred out in the depth of field OR bottle can be slightly rotated so that brand is unrecognizable.
9 years ago - Did you want the labels removed from the bottles completely? Or can they be blurred out in the depth of field?
9 years ago - IMPORTANT - NO BRANDING! Cannot show any labels. Also - looking for just flutes & bottles - NO cocktails.