Still life of Red Wine Blend

August Cover of Beverage Media
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Need "Hero" shot of red wine glass sitting on rustic wood table / surface, surrounded by clusters of red wine grapes. Can have 2nd wine glass and bottle (NO branding shown) in background, out of focus. Prefer outdoor setting with natural daylight.

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8 years ago - This is great! Thanks so much for the purchase @Larrylee
8 years ago - Thank you Marino! Im hoping!! ๐Ÿ™
8 years ago - Hi Lacey Cameron, some buyers continue to nominate even after the request/challenge have gone into 'review' so there's always hope :-)
8 years ago - I have way more variations of the image motif so if you're interested, just mail me!
8 years ago - Just curious if an image has to be nominated before the deadline for it to win? Or if any of the images even if theyre not nominated within the next 50 mins are eligible.
8 years ago - This was a fun practice as always. Berries included in some of my versions of Still Life of Red Wine Blend. Spending time out in the open, styling and composing the scene, picking the right glassware, scouting locations, actually drinking the wine - I love my job!
8 years ago - Sorry, no time to run up to Napa tp grabsomewine grapes... even table grapes are not so abundant in No California. I wish I would have seen your posted message sooner...I wound have only posted a few shots without grapes... This was a fun exercise those...regardless of the grapes...
8 years ago - @larrylee, I just wanted to make sure you saw my photos, as evidenced by earlier comments that can get lost in the pack; I can only submt 2. Wine grapes, rustic table, room for copy, background blurred, thin stemmed red wine glasses 2nd glass and bottle in backround, no brand, outdoor, natural light
8 years ago - @larrylee just wanted to let you know I submitted a few images with the right grapes, room for copy and natural light. Thanks!
8 years ago - Sorry all.,my earlier comment was typo*finally I got some wine grapes from India ..cheers
8 years ago - Hello everyone. As someone has already mentioned, there are no wine grapes available at this time of the year (at least at Italy's latitude!). They only will be ripe from end of August-beginning of September. In the meantime I am uploading a few shots with table red grapes. Hope they'll do.
8 years ago - Hi can anyone suggest where I can get wine grapes?tired of searching in all food shops๐Ÿ˜”...thank you
8 years ago - @megp Why thank you kindly!! I appreciate the compliments!!
8 years ago - @kim .... I now see you photos. Glad it was my oversight!
8 years ago - @kbaranowski .....I noticed that your photos for this were uploaded to your Profile only and not to the actual Request. As much as I would love to be nominated and win this sort of competition your photos are fantastic and need to be submitted. Hope this helps..... Very well done!
8 years ago - Where there's a will, there's a way!! I found some! Hope it's the image you're looking for!
8 years ago - @larrylee Hi Larry, I submitted a few photos, which follow your brief and your sketch. Any feedback on them would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Marino
8 years ago - Oh my!! Thank you so much for the nomination! You just made my day. I think I'm gonna cry. Lol
8 years ago - The nominated photo is wonderful but does not have any grapes, should we assume now that grapes were optional?
8 years ago - @Larrylee, Hello! I am excited about this challenge! I've been on a serious quest for wine grapes today; however, I've been informed by a vineyard that wine grapes are not available this time of year. Grapes on the vine are immature yet, and wouldn't be available for purchase until at least august.
8 years ago - @buyer Wine bottle, chiller or carafe? Tall thin glasses 10-4, crystal or glass, print or no print on glasses? Old table, rough or smooth, light or dark color? Outdoor natural lighting, I`m guessing you want evening?
8 years ago - Hi all, There was something I wanted to refine / modify on the request: โ€ข wanted to specify the grapes needed to be WINE grapes, NOT table grapes (the kind you eat) โ€ข Also would like more refined wine glasses (nothing short and thick-stemmed).
8 years ago - I got more, but i reached my limit๐Ÿ˜
8 years ago - Seriously amazing shots already!
8 years ago - and @ Thanarak Rerknawa ๎€Ž
8 years ago - hard to compete with the great shots from @Sandy Major ๎€Ž
8 years ago - Me to๐Ÿ˜Š
8 years ago - I'm gonna really work on this "hero" shot tomorrow. And drink a lil bit of it too lol!
8 years ago - Mr lee, any particular placement your thinking of for copy? How much space would you like? Thanks.
8 years ago - Hi, Mr. Lee. Any preferences on glassware? Stems? No stems? And what about staging props other than grapes (corkscrew, decanter, flowers or botanicals)?