Vodka drink with Distillery / stills in background

our July issue cover
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Looking for still life photos of Vodka. Vertical orientation would be ideal, or room to crop to a vertical for our July issue cover.

Need a "Hero" shot of simple Vodka drink in foreground with Distillery / stills in background.

We are going to speak about process of making Vodka; ingredients, Distillation, Filtration, etc..

No people or branding shown. Would like to have some possible ingredients next to glass as well (maybe grain, blueberries, potatoes, etc..)

Prefer cooler tones that might fit the minimalist and industrial setting.

Vodka drink should be minimalist, maybe 1 garnish so it doesn't look like glass of water.

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10 years ago - Thanks for the nomination! Glad you found something that might work!
10 years ago - @LarryLee Hey Larry, I uploaded some photos with a variety of backgrounds, angles, etc. Let me know if any of them work for you, or if there are any changes you'd like me to do!
10 years ago - @larrylee Unfortunately, had to do the shoot before I got your message, but fortunately, I think I did all of those things! I have to run to another meeting and don't have time to upload master file. So larger size available, as well as some different edits.
10 years ago - Got some photos that I'll post this evening before the deadline. Hope they are what you're looking for
10 years ago - @philipandersonedsel - I like the ones you did where the glass was more up front and shot from lower angle. Also don't want the berries inside plastic container and possibly smaller sized potatoes. Otherwise, lighting and elements were good.
10 years ago - @LarryLee Hey Larry, thanks for the nominations. I've uploaded a shot with only 1 olive, let me know if you still want the other minimal ingredients, cause I'll need to reshoot. I can do it, I just want to make sure I nail what you're looking for.
10 years ago - @philipandersonedsel - I nominated a few of your images. Can we only have 1 olive in glass and smaller potatoes? Also, more of a "hero" angle on shot?
10 years ago - I uploaded image sizes of 2000 x 3000 px, but the master images are much larger (3400 x 5200 approx). I tried to take down the images, and re-upload the larger size files but it doesn't look like there is a way for me to do that. Just wanted to let you know. Cheers.
10 years ago - Submitted! Had fun envisioning this one.
10 years ago - We would only credit distillery if it was at a Vodka distillery. We don’t necessarily need to have a distillery, Must exude a production feel. could be a rustic “steampunk” background (copper piping, industrial paneling, wood surface, etc.)
10 years ago - Would a pot still work in the background?
10 years ago - If I can't get the glass of vodka in the same shot as the distillery, can I take separate photos and combine them?
10 years ago - I may still have a chance to shoot at a distillery, but if not, figured I'd give it a go without the stills in the background
10 years ago - Guys, Larry is with Beverage Media Group. Check out back issues here:
10 years ago - Larry would you mention the distillery in the magazine?
10 years ago - I may also be able to do a shoot this weekend. I am curious what the magazine is as I'm sure they will want to know if they allow me to shoot there. Thanks.
10 years ago - I have a couple distilleries that may allow me to come shoot for you, however, are you able to give any more detail in how / where the image would be used?