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Series of ~ 10 images of the same 3-4 people working together, or in pairs, or independently, in a few locations. Laptops, tablet or mobile included.

This team that works together in a variety of ways. Variations on people working together and independently, in small offices, transit locations, public spaces and cafes, using computers, phones, tablets.

Multiple shots of the same person or people. Some shots will be of just two, or just one of an individual alone. Seeing photos, viewer is energized, wonders what they're doing, would like to join or talk with them. Shots of people working alone show them engaged with positive emotion or warmth from their expression, even when not smiling. Business casual or casual clothing.

People don't all have to be 25, or working in an upscale coffeeshop ;-).

Open to multiple teams and scenes if you have more than one proposal. The images might suggest a type of work they do—are they people who work together to do creative agency work, run a music business, design medical devices, run a political campaign, sell insurance? Are they consultants talking with clients? Whatever is going on, there's an energy or a sense of focus among the people involved or in their individual focus on what they're doing or thinking about, or where they're going.

Nice lighting, locations you'd want to be in, visit, or that look interesting. Include open space where possible in images (for overlays of type).

Model releases required. In addition to series, headshots looking at camera, with headphones, expressive also desired.

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