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Basically looking for happy people :) Happy people with lots of white space is preferred. Looking for attractive, earthy, smiling, happy people.

This site is full of great photographers - really looking forward to seeing what you submit!

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10 years ago - Sean, absolutely! My email is ohemg87@gmail.com
10 years ago - Thanks a lot of the nominations!
10 years ago - Thanks for the nominations!
10 years ago - Thanks for the nomination !
10 years ago - @Ohemg87 Emily - Thanks for shooting it. Your friend has a unique look - we love it. Would you be interested in a 1-1 assignment for more photos of her? We'd love more creatives of her.
10 years ago - Thank you so much for choosing my happy friend!!!
10 years ago - Huge thank you to everyone who has submitted photos so far! I am blown away with the quality. Keep it up!
10 years ago - Thank you for the nominations!
10 years ago - Thank you so much Sean!!! :-)
10 years ago - @malarkey Great, thanks! :)
10 years ago - @Malarkey - please let me know if you would like to see alternate cropping or editing any of my photos!
10 years ago - Hi Vicki - yes. We will use the image / images for ads for our digital trainings. www.videotrafficacademy.com is a good example of one of our trainings this would be used for.
10 years ago - Hi Sean, may I ask what these people will be marketing? :) @malarkey