Woman in Boxing Gloves

Breast Cancer Ad
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We need several photos of real women posing with boxing gloves. This is going to be used to raise money for breast cancer so we need them to look confident with a slight smile. The gloves should be raised up but not blocking their face. The photo will be used in black and white and the gloves will be altered to look pink. Any color gloves will work except black. We would be honored to show real breast cancer survivors and/or women currently battling breast cancer. The models should wear nice solid color clothes. Business casual would be preferred, not gym clothes. We also like to see some ethnicity. Please photograph them on a dark sweep or a solid color background and avoid cropping off their head and gloves.

We're also looking for additional shots with multiple people in the shot with a woman (a maximum of 4). Mother and daughter. Husband and wife. Grandmother and daughter.

Thank you for participating!

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6 years ago - Thank you very much for the nominations!
6 years ago - No, the ads would only be in the US.
6 years ago - Hello Greg. Could I ask about distribution of the Ad? Would it distribute at Russian Federation?
6 years ago - Hi, thank you very much for the nominations ☺️