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Wingz is a ridesharing company that provides rides to/from the airport. Our drivers are local. Here is our website so you can understand our product better www.wingz.me

We need authentic photos of riders going to and from the airport. We're looking for an authentic feel where we can see the interaction between rider(s) and driver. We place our company at the cross roads of the travel and the ridesharing industries. Think airbnb but to go to the airport. The relationship between rider(s) and drivers are essential to our model.

Mixing the location would be great: pick-up at home, pick-up at an hotel and pick-up/drop off at the airport.

These photos will be used to create ads on facebook mainly, will also serve as background images on our home page and visual in some emails we are sending to our riders/drivers.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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7 years ago - Really appreciate the invite. We'll see if we can't get exactly what you need!
7 years ago - Thank you so much for the invitation, however, I live in such a small community in the Medford, OR area, that we have no access to any kind of ride sharing, and our airport is very small!
7 years ago - @Melvin - Thank you for the invite! We happen to be travelling right now so we'll definitely do our best to capture what you're looking for. :-)
7 years ago - Thanks for the invitation, let me see if I can come up with something
7 years ago - @Melvin.... Thank you for the invitation to shoot for this request. I will make an attempt to capture the content of your request. I hope you find the image(s) Wingz is looking for!