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We are launching an awards program for the most fashionable kid's clothing in a variety of categories. We're looking for a few overall images of stylish/fashionable kids. Would be fantastic if there were boy and girl in the same photo. Should look younger than 10 or so, babies okay but not exclusively. Summer setting

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9 years ago - Thanks for nominating
9 years ago - Thank you so much for your consideration.
9 years ago - thank you very much for the nomination!🌿☀️🎈
9 years ago - Sent some girls. Not sure if they are what you are looking for.
9 years ago - Thanks for the nomination
9 years ago - @MoxieSharon Sorry about previous message. I am not "leveled up" enough to add any more.
9 years ago - @MoxieSharon Just uploading lots of girls for you.
9 years ago - Thank you for the nomination.
9 years ago - Thank you so much for the nomination! It means a lot to me!
9 years ago - I need girls! Where are the girls? So many more fashion choices for girls, yet most of the photos I am loving are boys. Send me your girls, too. Thanks!
9 years ago - Thank you for the nomination!