Working Life

Buyer review complete, Marketplace review

WorkBank is looking for images that incorporate the working life.

This can vary from architecture, buildings, people working together, office space, and anything else that captures working life. The images will be used for the upcoming website which will be attract many visitors.

The images should be unique and represent working life in a young, versatile and quirky way.

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Model Release :
Architecture Buildings Business Industrial Objects People Street Urban
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Messages posted by users

7 years ago - Yes, I was also wondering if you have a timeline for when you may post other nominated entries.
7 years ago - I have to comment here because I find it odd that out of 2147 requests of which there are many great entries that ONLY ONE as of 12/15/15 has been nominated & it doesn't even meet the brief the buyer listed for photographers in which versatile, young & quirky was a main element. Any explanation?
8 years ago - Take a look at some of my work!
8 years ago - hey guys I just wanted to tell you all hii and I really like all your photos you have submitted. happy shooting(:
8 years ago - I am completely stuck and confused on how this works, to be able to start on the journey of selling. I've read & reread everything on the site, but maybe I'm doing something wrong? Any suggestions? Thank y'all so much!
8 years ago - There is explanation on web site how to earn points. Buyer does not have to nominate photos. Also, buyer is not obliged to buy any photos if they do not satisfy his/her needs.
8 years ago - How do we earn points.... Somebody please help me with this
8 years ago - when do we get nominated
8 years ago - The explorer pictures are evaluated ?