Man's Best Friend

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We are looking for several photos of Man's Best Friend. Shots should be warm and inviting. People are ok, but the dog(s) should be the center of attention. Bigger dogs preferred, but small ones are ok (please, no chihuahuas). Shots should convey a sense of joy, warmth, and excitement.

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2MP+ (ex: 1600x1200px+)
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Messages posted by users

9 years ago - Look at my profile I can always add more I am just starting out I am not sure how you could ask me but I have a big dog and lots of pictures of her lots of places
9 years ago - I wish I could have entered this one! I have an abundance of pictures of dogs!
9 years ago - I'm a dog lover and have tons of cool pics, how do I submit the picture's?
9 years ago - Why no Chihuahuas?
9 years ago - Thank !
9 years ago - I'm curious too... How do we submit a photo?
9 years ago - Thank you for the nomination! Appreciate it so much!
9 years ago - It's for an ad so room for copy is ideal but not required. We can artificially expand the background depending if we use the photo as vertical or a horizontal layout.
9 years ago - hey folks, the buyer is looking for dogs, not cat images. please read!
9 years ago - how do i sudmit a photo?
9 years ago - I enjoyed looking through some old photos of my late best friend for this request. Miss my Stella every day, and each of these submissions prove our dogs' role as man's best friend.
9 years ago - ...aaannnnd now I want a dog. Xx
9 years ago - I just went through all of the pictures and I came to the conclusion that you were going to have a hard time picking a winner because they are all so good .
9 years ago - well I got lots of great pictures of dogs
9 years ago - I've got some great dog shots! To bad I can not upload them :( to small! Oh well! I was able to post one! Happy Shooting!