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Wall Art for 4-Star Hotel in MN
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I'm looking for an image of people (can be one, couple or group) enjoying nature in the Northern US, specifically Minnesota / Minneapolis / St Paul if possible.
Should showcase the beauty of the environment / love of activity rather than focusing on the person. The most abstracted / less visible the face the better
(like jumping into water and and seeing more of the splash or only feet, the back of someone as they look at a waterfall, etc). Not too sporty / more lifestyle.

Activities that are most ideal are jumping into lakes, swimming in lakes, hiking, etc. One area that is of particular interest is Minnehaha Falls.

Vertical or square format is ideal or permission to crop a horizontal.

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Photo Size :
10MP+ (ex: 3648x2736px+)
Model Release :
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7 years ago - Turns out my photo of Minnehaha falls was big enough so I submitted it! Thanks
7 years ago - @sohomyriad I don't know for sure. I'd imagine that it would be close to the limits if at all possible
7 years ago - @redmonddigitalmedia At 300 dpi - 200 dpi will it hold up at 18" x 18" or 22" x 22"?
7 years ago - I've got a couple from the frozen falls but also at 8mp
7 years ago - @CTinley: At 300 dpi - 200 dpi will it hold up at 18" x 18" or 22" x 22"?
7 years ago - But it is only 8mp!
7 years ago - I have a nice photo of a friend looking at Minnehaha Falls