Ambassador Challenge - Long Exposure

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Long Exposure: The best photo will be awarded $150. In addition, I'll be choosing the most creative shots for the Snapwire Premium Collection.

Long exposures can encapsulate a period of time into one photo and show things that a regular snapshot may not be able to capture. Show me your best photos created using a long exposure technique, or apps that create a long exposure look such as 'Average Camera Pro'. Using a tripod or propping your phone or camera up against an object will create a more sturdy shot. The stationary buildings, rocks, and other items in your photos should be sharp as the movement is captured around them. Create photos of movement over time, drawn out water, light trails – use your imagination!

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9 years ago - Hey guys! Sorry for the delay, it was really difficult to select a winner from all the amazing entires. I've finally settled on one though, and the winner is @backspin 's amazing snowy river long exposure! Thank all of you for participating, it was great to see you guys rally to the challenge.
9 years ago - Ah cool, I don't follow then on IG but I figured.
9 years ago - Amy I figured that. Sam wasn't aware though. Thanks for clarifying for the both of us :)
9 years ago - Kashif that was the winner from the hashtag they created for IG.
9 years ago - Sam I think they announced it on IG no?
9 years ago - Any word on when the winner will be announced?
9 years ago - Bummed I never had time to submit a photo :(
9 years ago - Thanks for the nomination Scott! Was super excited to see that notification haha! Honored.
9 years ago - It was totally different and that's what I loved about it, not a super long shuutter but long enough to show motion/tell a story. Great work :) @maghy7
9 years ago - That's awesome Man, love to hear that! Loved your Long exposure over the 101 @mat
9 years ago - Thank you for the nomination, Scott! There's so many great photos in here!
9 years ago - @scottborrero Best part about this request? It got me off my couch tonight to go shoot. Just submitted a few I loved.
9 years ago - Hey @scottborrero. Thanks for the nomination. I hope you liked my other submissions too.
9 years ago - Thanks Scott! Got some great submissions here!
9 years ago - Thanks as well Scott! Thought I would take a chance and post something totally different. Glad you liked it!
9 years ago - Thanks for the nominations Scott! Much appreciated
9 years ago - Hey thanks Scott, means a lot
9 years ago - So honored that you selected me as a nomination dude! Thanks so much!
9 years ago - You bet! I loved the green tones in the water :) @reneevangarderen
9 years ago - Thanks for the nomination Scott!
9 years ago - Glad you're diggin the theme of the challenge man! @livemotofoto
9 years ago - Thanks man! It's such a cool platform, I couldn't resist :P @reymarkfranke
9 years ago - Nice to see you on snap wire Scott
9 years ago - I hope you do more long exposure contests. This genre is my bag!
9 years ago - Life is good buddy! Just doing my thing, waiting for the chance to finally go freelance full time. This might be my year I do it. The day job is grinding me down!! Haha just saw you rocking some shades up on the IG feed!! Nice man!!
9 years ago - What's good man? @Andrew
9 years ago - Hey Jason!!
9 years ago - Ok thanks.
9 years ago - @brian you can opt for a check sent in the mail.
9 years ago - Is the money sent through the mail?
9 years ago - Whoops I meant to say if we win?
9 years ago - If we win?
9 years ago - Thanks Jordan, stoked you'll be joinin' the challenge @jordanis
9 years ago - Great challenge. I'm on it. Thanks Scott.
9 years ago - Awesome - can't wait to see submissions!
9 years ago - They can be from whatever format you want, as long as you can get them uploaded here. cheers man @turnone
9 years ago - Great challenge! Good luck! I sent my very first long exposure shot. Cheers!
9 years ago - @scottborrero do they have to be from the phone? Thanks
9 years ago - This presents a fun challenge using my Lumia 1020 and S4 that DON'T have Avg Cam Pro haha!
9 years ago - Awesome category. 👌
9 years ago - Thanks guys! I'm stoked to host the challenge, looking forward to some great images @tatum22 @khali310
9 years ago - No limit! Go crazy haha @brian
9 years ago - Looking forward to this one!
9 years ago - Is there a limit for the amount of photos we can submit?
9 years ago - Awesome! Thanks for the support man, looking forward to your entries @gris
9 years ago - Any crop works @samuelmartin , excited to see what ya got
9 years ago - Should be exciting.
9 years ago - Yea man! Was excited to see you and this style posted up on Snapwire. Hope to get out and snag a few more long exposures tomorrow night so I'll keep me coming!
9 years ago - Are you looking for a specific crop?
9 years ago - Hey buddies! Looking forward to seeing all your long exposure entries :)