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Please take a minute to read the brief, it contains crucial informations. In order to take part to this Challenge you need to Download Scriba App from your mobile store, it’s FREE! Scriba app is still growing. We need your help to show our users all of our new features!

With this challenge we are calling you to illustrate the opportunity we offer to send free digital “Scriba postcards”! First create a Scriba book adding some Chapters and write a nice message on one Chapter that you'll use to send your digital postcard to someone! Then share the Chapter by clicking on the arrow that shows on the right upper corner of each photos. Take a look at the inspirational image too.
The image we need is someone enjoying the digital Scriba postcard received!

It’s important that you’re showing your most enthusiastic spirit and be creative!
We appreciate any kind of image on the postcard, families, travels, holidays, events, weddings, reportage..

Please note that Scriba app is still in Beta version. We will appreciate any feedback, that you can submit here:

Photos will be used for our social networking channels. Happy Shooting!
The Scriba team

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Model Release :
Paid Post to Instagram :
Travel Reportage Holidays Food and Drink Events Art Birthdays Families Parties Weddings
Inspirational Images

Messages posted by users

6 years ago - We are really happy to have people like you enjoying their work in Scriba App! Thanks a lot.. Looking forward to meet all of you on our next Challenges! Best. Barbara - Scriba team
6 years ago - Thank's you for purchase my photos, really! I'm working for be better each time, thank's for the oportunity for work in SCRIBA!
6 years ago - Thank you each one for your submissions! Great job @JossieeAlvarenga we loved your creativity onto Scriba app! ;) We are going to purchase your picture.. Continue enjoying our app and share postcards with friends!! Barbara & The Scriba team
6 years ago - Hi!! I´m here again...sorry for delay. I hope you like this 6 photos for this challenge. Thank´s for all!! Regard.
6 years ago - Finally figured it out and I will upload photos as soon as I can :D
6 years ago - hello, i cant seem to figure out how to send the postcard. can you please help? i click on the right upper corner but there are only options as gmail, WhatsApp etc.
6 years ago - Thanks for the nomination! :D
6 years ago - hi
6 years ago - Thank you for the nomination! Much appreciated:)
6 years ago - Thank you for the nomination, Barbara and the Scriba team ! My daughter is always a willing model :)
6 years ago - @NancyBrennan ! Sorry for the previous mistake writing your surname ;)
6 years ago - Hi @NancyBernan thanks a lot for your beautiful submission, your model is brighting and passionate! Thanks to her too.. ;) Best. Barbara - Scriba team