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Photo of a nurse meditating on a hospital hallway

Image: Reasonably attractive nurse, doctor or medical professional meditating, cross-legged on the floor of a hospital hallway. Preferably female but male might work. Hands are in their lap or palms down on thighs. They're wearing uniform clearly identified with nursing/medical profession (scrubs, white coat, stethoscope...). The framing shows plenty of the surroundings so we can see that this is a hospital hallway. Final image must measure at least 9" wide at 300dpi. Delivered by mid-December. See attached comp. We would use this image except there isn't enough background (I photoshopped a background for the concept but the real photo ends quite close to the model's body). If anyone would like to convincingly add a background in photoshop that would be considered as well.

Thank you!

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8 years ago - Congrat Chris Rickman to!
8 years ago - Congrat Eric Saczuk for your nomination! :)
8 years ago - @Seth - That's great! Here's my email, I'll reply with my address. Thanks!
8 years ago - @Eric: the Spring edition will be on newsstands mid-February if not before. I'd be happy to mail one to you.
8 years ago - @Seth - That's great! Glad to be of service. :-) Merry Christmas to you as well. When could we expect to see the magazine on the shelf?
8 years ago - @Eric: I just downloaded the high rez. It's perfect. Many thanks and wishing you and good holiday season and 2015.
8 years ago - @Eric: thank you! I'll tag the one I want now. If it doesn't work because of how it will be framed I'll let you know.
8 years ago - @Seth - I shoot raw at 36 megapixels so let me know which image suits you and I'll make sure you have the full resolution file.
8 years ago - @Eric: Hey. If that's what you've got, that's what I'll work with. I think my last question is about resolution. I've had to zoom in a little on the low rez file to frame it as I'd like to. What to do if your high rez file is too small? I'm assuming I won't know until I've paid for the file...
8 years ago - @Seth - Thanks for the heads up! I know it would look absolutely perfect in a wider hallway, unfortunately that's the only hallway at her work. :-) I have a couple more shots with slightly different hand positions if that helps at all.
8 years ago - @Chris: forgive me for the lapse in communication. It's a nutty time. It's looking like the editors are leaning towards Eric's model. It's been a very tight 'race'. Sending best wishes and deep appreciation for all the work you and your model have put into this.
8 years ago - @Eric: I think the only thing outstanding with your photo is if the shot could be done in a wider hallway (as in the sample shot) rather than a narrow corridor. If it's simply too late at this point I certainly understand. Thanks for your ongoing interest and patience.
8 years ago - @Eric: my apologies for being uncommunicative over recent days. Nutty time. It's looking like your photo is leading in the editor's polls. I'll continue in the next message—
8 years ago - @Snapwire: I just inadvertently pressed "Report". Please disregard it. I apologize for my clumsy fingers!
8 years ago - @Seth - I see that the request is open again, I guess you didn't get the image you were looking for. Any further direction would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
8 years ago - @Seth: Sounds great! Thank you for such a clear line of communication. It can be challenging to work across a "digital" interface sometimes. I will pass along your gratitude to my friend. Thanks again! Look forward to hearing back from you.
8 years ago - @Seth - Just wondering if there is anything I can improve on the last couple of photos I submitted last weekend. I have one last chance to re-shoot tomorrow. Please let me know and thanks for the great communication, I think we all appreciate it. :-)
8 years ago - @Chris: sent your new shots to the editors. Thank you! I hope to have news soon. Thanks so much for your efforts. And please thank the woman in the photograph as well.
8 years ago - @Seth- Shot some new photos last night with your edits in mind.
8 years ago - @Chris: 4) hand positions: a) folded in lap as in original sample and b) palms down on knees. 5) Just looked at the original 'braid' shot that I 'liked'. The posture there is good. She seems more at ease.—Thank you Chris. Let me know if you'd like to continue with this.
8 years ago - @Chris: 1) Like the warm colour of background. 2) Can this be photographed with a shallower depth of field so that the focus is on the model? 3) Posture: Can your model sit a little more upright. She looks a little scrunched and uncomfortable. The first shots (the I 'liked') is pretty good (tbc...)
8 years ago - @ Chris: thanks for your efforts. Re: background blur, it's really a matter of it being out of focus rather than blurred out. And there are additional comments so if you're willing to give this another shot I'll continue my feedback in the next comments post—Thank you for your time and effort.
8 years ago - @Eric- haha Sorry Eric! Didn't even realize what I was doing! Thanks for the redirect. Great photos by the way!
8 years ago - @C_Rickman - Hey C, I'm just one of the shooters. Please direct your comments to Seth, it's his request. :-)
8 years ago - @Eric- I removed those photos and retouched them. Let me know what you think of the background now.
8 years ago - @Chris. Thanks tonnes for the 3 new shots.One thing, off the bat is that the background is in focus. It would be preferable if it was out of focus. I'll get back to you very soon.
8 years ago - @Eric- Put a few new ones up for you too
8 years ago - @Eric. Thank you! I'll take a look and send news soon.
8 years ago - Thank you for the invite! I'll see what I can get done for you!
8 years ago - @Seth I just uploaded 3 more images with the requested orientation. Please let me know if they work or what I can do to improve the image. Thanks!
8 years ago - @Seth, thank you! That certainly takes the pressure off. :-) We'll reshoot likely this weekend so we can get feedback and get it nailed down.
8 years ago - @Chris: if you decide to give this another shot, be sure to read comments posted. Background needs to be blurred out. I need lots of room around the shot particularly in front of the subject. She's in scrubs, booties and bonnet. Braid in the back. Palms down on thighs and another hands folded in lap
8 years ago - @Chris: submission period has been extended to the 20th so there's a little more time. Thank you for your efforts. Hope you're feeling better.
8 years ago - @Eric: submission period has been extended to the 20th! Thanks for your efforts!
8 years ago - @Seth, absolutely no problem and thanks for the great communication, it's rather refreshing! :-) I tried to shoot last night, but there were surgeries still going on. Tonight will work for sure, so I'll have them to you by this evening, no sweat. :-)
8 years ago - @Chris Thanks for being in touch. Yes! Please submit if you can. There are two strong contenders at this point. I can pay $300 for the image we publish and $150 to the one we don't... a way to say thank you to you both for your time and efforts. I'll need to figure out how to do that.
8 years ago - @Eric. Thanks 4 checking in. Editors are okay with her age. Great if you can get me images by tomorrow but I'll try to extend the submission period. Not sure if you can submit after the submission period closes. Thanks for adding more space around her. Sorry for the xtra work.
8 years ago - @Seth, I've been sick and out of work the past couple days.The next time I will be able to shoot will be this coming Saturday. If you're still looking for the right photo this weekend please let me know. Thanks!
8 years ago - @Seth Ok, I understand. I can back up more and shoot in portrait mode to get you the space you need. She'll be flattered to know she might look too young a she's over 30...;-) Do you think that'll be a problem? I can likely get new images to you tomorrow. Thanks!
8 years ago - @Eric: re: her hand position, good to have both (in folded in the lap and palms down on knees). Thanks
8 years ago - @Chris: re: her hand position, good to have both (in folded in the lap and palms down on knees). Thanks
8 years ago - @Eric. Here's the scoop. This works. The current shot is wide enough but not tall enough. At bottom: I'll need 3x the current distance between her feet and the bottom of the shot? At top: I'll need another couple inches but if that's a problem I can photoshop it in. Does that make sense? Thank you!
8 years ago - @Eric! Hey! Thank you for your photographs. I've put them into a layout and am waiting for the editors to weigh in. One thing that has come up: the model may be too young. Also, I'll need even more room around the subject. I've had to paste in more bkground. I'll get back to you with news today.
8 years ago - @Seth, I just submitted two images. Please let me know if you need them in portrait format. I shot them landscape to give you as much room horizontally, but I can do portrait no problem. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
8 years ago - @Seth I'll be submitting some custom shot images this weekend. If you click on my image next to the comment, you can view my portfolio...hope that works! :-)
8 years ago - @Chris: I like the other shot you took better. Tips: yes. Please try again. Make the photo as close to the one posted as possible: Scrubs, head covering, booties, hand posture, background out of focus. Lots of background so I can move the subject left or right on the layout as needed. Questions?;-)
8 years ago - @Seth_Levinson
8 years ago - Hey @Seth, I just uploaded a few photos I took last night at work of a coworker. I would be happy to make any changes as you see fit (different scrubs, background, framing, etc). I work in the ER and there isn't much I can't make happen.
8 years ago - Hey @Eric. Thanks for your email. You mentioned that I can access your gallery but I'm not sure how to do that. I'll see if I can figure that out now.
8 years ago - Hey Seth! No, it wasn't me. I am planning the shoot for this Saturday. Does that work do for you?
8 years ago - @Eric! I saw in an email that someone posted a new photo but I can't seem to see it in the Snapwire site. I'm thinkin' it might have been you... my apologies... I'm new to Snapwire and having a few growing pains trying to figure out how to communicate with folks. Thanks—Seth
8 years ago - @Seth: My attractive girlfriend is a nurse and works at an upscale medical clinic so I'm sure we can get you the exact image you're looking for within a week. Sound good? I have some pics of my girlfriend in my gallery. Thanks! :-)
8 years ago - @Seth: Would you also include the high res version of the photo you used to create your makeshift background? It may just take some more advanced Photoshop wizardry to make it work and look right. I think it's worth trying. Aside from its execution issues, it looks great behind the nurse.
8 years ago - @Seth: I think I may be able to add a convincing new background, based on what I see you were going for in your mockup. I was a graphic designer for 10 years and know my way around Photoshop :) Would you be able to provide a high resolution copy of the original nurse photo, for me to work on?