Latino Female Headshot Portrait (front & sides)

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I am looking to get close-up portrait headshots of a beautiful latino and a beautiful black model in 3 different views-- front and both sides (see attached examples for direction). Their face must be clean, must have a small smile (without teeth showing), and their hair must be up. No earrings, hats, or facial coverings. Indoor uniform lighting is required with a white backdrop. The photographs should be professional and beautiful as shown in the pictures attached. The quality of the photograph references should be as the links here below.

Closed because I could not find the right visual for this project

There were not quality submissions

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6 years ago - Closed because I could not find the right photo for this project. There were not quality submissions
6 years ago - Je may change my picture if you want to
6 years ago - I upload photos tomorrow.🙏
6 years ago - Hi, I'm from Mexico and I can shot the pictures you need. If you can look on my portfolio I have 3 models I can call for this job. I'm an explorer right now so, if you are interested in any of those models (I can look for more), I will need you to change the request to accept explores. Thks
6 years ago - More shoulder?
6 years ago - Do you need something else?
6 years ago - It's a request and I can only submit two of my model pics