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We’re looking for imagery to showcase on a range of our photo products. Images should be inspirational and something you would be proud to print on a photo canvas, photo book, mug, cards, etc., either to keep in your home or give as a gift. Just to clarify, the images will only be used as product examples on our website and possibly in a print catalog; they will not be used for resale in any matter. High resolution preferred.
We want images that might be used to create holiday gifts. This ranges from any big life event (e.g. family vacation, birthday) to everyday moments. Our goal is to make sure these images evoke the strong feelings we have for our families and traditions, such as love, happiness, and pride. We’ll select images that are simple and sophisticated and inspire others to make products. 
We need a variety of images that have both have space for copy and images that can stand alone. We’d also like a series of images (4 minimum), possibly from the same shoot or the same family over a period of time and events. Images and series including diverse families in key seasonal settings (snow pics, fall settings with warm sweaters, spring outdoors, summer fun) are also welcomed.

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7 years ago - hi ! what if I want to delete one of my entries and post another instead? is it possible ?
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