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We are looking for a cover shot of a beautiful happy woman, outdoors, looking at the camera for The Soul/Body Connection publication.

This is for a special interest publication that is produced annually by Spirituality & Health magazine. The previous 3 covers are attached.

We would want to keep the same outdoors/water feel, and want a solo adult female (21-35). Eyes must be facing the reader. The season must be spring/early summer. The pose doesn't have to be yoga/meditation, but it should communicate positive energy, serenity, happiness,etc. Possible theme is "The Essence of Enlightenment," but of course this could change.

In addition to being a beautiful inspiring photo, there must also be enough room for cover lines to be easily readable, and your posted original resolution must be large enough for a print magazine that is 10.5 inches high.

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9 years ago - how can i submit?
9 years ago - Thank you for the nomination Sandra @SpiritHealth. I have more variations in the position of the scarf if you are further interested in my image. @eraeber
9 years ago - @sandra I uploaded a few samples from a beach shoot. I'd be happy to adjust or provide others.
9 years ago - @SpiritHealth Hello Sandra. I uploaded couple of photos. Happy to adjust these photos to meet your need. Let me know your thoughts..Thanks!!
9 years ago - @Sandra Hey Sandra! I just shot for this request yesterday, and still have quite a few more shots to upload, but wanted to reach out. These shots were taken by the lake w/ the intention of photoshopping out the other bank for an ocean horizon, if you'd want that. I've upload some samples. Cheers!
9 years ago - @John, a lake is fine as long as there is good clear area in the photo for cover lines and logo (not too many mid-tones or trees).
9 years ago - I swear I keep writing this note and it never posts! @Alexis: fresh, healthy, natural for the model. Not too young, but youthful. Not yoga, but more meditation-type poses, or happy "in the moment" poses (likeā€¦ scarf blowing in the wind?) are good.
9 years ago - @sandra Thanks for the invite! I have a beach shoot setup with a model for this weekend.
9 years ago - @sandra thanks for the invitation! Will a lake work as the body of water, of do you prefer ocean?
9 years ago - Is there a look you'd like for the model? Or same to what the others have been? prefer yoga poses or more fitness related? I may have time to shoot a model specifically for this cover. thanks. @sandra
9 years ago - ok thanks for the response!
9 years ago - @sandra thanks for the noms! More where that came from if you have any specific changes or needs
9 years ago - @Alexis, I'm open to full or partial body. But as you seem to understand, I need some good neutral space for coverlines and the logo. I haven't looked at the most recent submissions, but in general I'm not seeing the fresh, natural look I was hoping for.
9 years ago - Thanks for the invite. How do you feel about the ones submitted? Do you prefer full body for more cover space?
9 years ago - Thank You for invite. :) I do appreciate that!
9 years ago - Thank you for inviting me to this request. I wish weather conditions were better in my area! Then I would set up a shoot just for this. For now I'll have to submit the closest I can find in my image library.
9 years ago - @Sandra - Thanks for the reply. I've got quite a few images similar to the ones I've submitted and I'm happy to custom tweak them for you with direction.
9 years ago - Full or partial is fine, most important is space for cover lines.
9 years ago - @Sandra - Do you need full body or is partial ok?
9 years ago - Hello: the SIP will be on newsstands from April through June, so we do want a spring/summer look for the image.
9 years ago - Can a be a winter setting? Or are you looking for more summery scenarios?