Multiple Exposure App Photo

Cover photo for Facebook page
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I need a photo taken with Multiple Exposure - Camera app for iOS to be used on the app's Facebook page.


• The photo can be whatever you want. Be creative! No inappropriate content please.
• The photo must be a multiple exposure.
• The photo must be taken with the app.
• No post-processing of the image is allowed! This includes modifying the image in the Photos app. Everything must be done with the app.
• All the photos used to make the multiple exposure must be saved separately. These will be used to show people how the photo was made. There is a button which allows you to export each photo taken ( ). So please make sure this is always selected when taking your photos!

Here is a link to the app.

Here are some examples of multiple exposures for inspiration.

Here is a great tutorial on how to do them with a Canon 5d Mark III to give you an idea of how they work.

You will be credited (If you want of course) on Facebook and any other places the photo is featured.

Good luck!

Additional Requirements
Orientation :
Environment :
Lighting :
Space For Copy :
Model Release :
Inspirational Images

Messages posted by users

7 years ago - I would like to thank everybody for the photos that were submitted. You are all wonderful photographers. Unfortunately, I was only able to purchase a few. I wish you all the best in your future contests on the site. Cheers,
7 years ago - @aaronmichael Hi Aaron, I'm not able to send PMs on Snapwire. I sent you a PM on your Facebook page.
7 years ago - Yeah! Thank you for the purchases :)
7 years ago - @aaronmichael Great! Thanks a lot for the photos!
7 years ago - All done! Yeah, definitely let me know if there is anything else you need! I'm going to playing around more tomorrow to see what else I can come up with
7 years ago - Awesome thank you! I'm am uploading the portrait photos now
7 years ago - @aaronmichael Hi Aaron, I updated the contest to accept portraits.
7 years ago - @aaronmichael The photos look really good. Thanks a lot!
7 years ago - Thank you for purchasing those! I'm happy to be able to help. Like I said, it's a fun app and if you need anything else (aside from the other photos you requested) let me low. Btw my Instagram name is aaromic
7 years ago - I just uploaded the the two individual photos for the landscape. I can't actually upload the portrait ones because of the restrictions for landscape only. I will look up the example photo right now
7 years ago - @aaronmichael This is an example of what I would like to do:
7 years ago - @aaronmichael Hi Aaron, would you be interested in posting the individual photos for both the landscape and portrait photos you made? I'll purchase the 4 of them. The reason I ask for the individuals is because I would like to make tutorials to post on my Facebook page. I'll post an example.
7 years ago - Awesome! It's a fun challenge and a fun app so I appreciate this. Regardless if the competition is extended of not I can always email you the portrait photo if you'd like to use it for the App Store.
7 years ago - @aaronmichael For now I just need a landscape. It's going to be used for the cover photo on the Facebook page. The photo looks good though! In the future, I'll need portraits for the App Store screenshots. I'll see if I can extend the contest another day. I look forward to seeing your photo tmrw.
7 years ago - Thanks for the nomination :)
7 years ago - Going to try again tomorrow. Sure you won't open it up to portraits as well? :p
7 years ago - @gracesims Was your submission taken using the app? If so, would you be willing to upload the separate photos?
7 years ago - @rmalo5aapi Was your submission taken using the app? If so, would you be willing to upload the separate photos?
7 years ago - @aaronmichael That's really cool! I look forward to seeing the landscape!
7 years ago - It would be cool if portraits could be submitted. I created a submission but completely forgot it had to be landscape haha. The photo is in my profile though if you wanted to see it. Working on a landscape version though now! Cool app :)
7 years ago - Here are a couple more examples I took with the app.
7 years ago - @ricktheis1 The key is to blow out the background with the right exposure level. Having a little sun behind really helps. If you can blow out your background and keep your subject dark, the subject will still be left as a canvas for the next photo. I recommend taking a look at the video in the brief
7 years ago - @ricktheis1 The images that were nominated unfortunately weren't shot using the app, though that type of image is possible. Here's one of myself I took in the early stages of development ( ). Unfortunately, I took this before I added the option for separate exports.
7 years ago - I submitted but without using editing tools I'm not happy with my images. I'm amazed that two of your nominated images were created in app without post editing. Nice work.
7 years ago - @ricktheis1 Good to hear you figured it out! By selecting the button on the top bar, you will export the individual photos to the library including the final photo. If you want to re-create the final photo, you can then do it using the steps I listed before. Good luck!
7 years ago - @secretshutter Others seemed to have the same problem. It seems to be a problem on Apple's side. The issue seemed to resolve itself though.
7 years ago - @kylethemiller Thanks! I'll do that.
7 years ago - Hey Phil, when you have the image you would like to buy nominated, you can request the other images needed... It would be way easier then everyone submitting 3 separate images...
7 years ago - Can't get the app it says it's still being modified 😂
7 years ago - Ok never mind I think I figured it out.
7 years ago - I get that but you said you want two separate images plus the final image. It won't let you combine two previous images into one.
7 years ago - Got it! Thanks!
7 years ago - @ricktheis1 The feature only supports photos taken with the app.
7 years ago - There s two capture buttons... Use the small one to capture multiple and the big one to capture one or the final.
7 years ago - @ricktheis1 If you look in the photo library and select a photo that you took with the app, a little icon should appear which looks like the exposure buttons. After pressing the button, you'll be brought to another menu with the two exposure buttons. From there you can expose or expose and save.
7 years ago - I don't see a way to combine separate images within the app?
7 years ago - @kylethemiller Have you had any luck yet. I checked iTunes and the app shows up as "Get"
7 years ago - Hey all, I'm still new to this. Is it possible to also post the photos that were used to create the multiple exposure also? Ex. If you shoot a double exposure, you would also post the two separate photos. These are the ones I would be purchasing.
7 years ago - It's says it's still being modified... Been that way for the last 45min.
7 years ago - @FinchumFotos I just checked the app store. It should be listed as free now.
7 years ago - Found it. Thanks!
7 years ago - Really want to try the app and submit to the request @studio-603, but price is at $.99. Let me know when it's free?
7 years ago - ☺️☺️☺️🍻🍻🍻
7 years ago - sin ... well if you want to get me a Christmas present for me, giving me the nomination would be a super Christmas
7 years ago - I guess your still working on modifying the price? Because it won't let me download the app?
7 years ago - Hey all, I've set the app to be free for the rest of the day. I'll be changing it back to $0.99 at midnight est. @Findus for the moment, the app is only available on iOS.
7 years ago - well poo I have an Android..
7 years ago - iOS or Android ?
7 years ago - Bought the app to participate. Fun to use & really pretty photos with it.
7 years ago - App pretty cool.
7 years ago - It is 0.99 €? if you can reset the picture I posted so you will send the other 🙏👍🏻
7 years ago - 79p 👊👊 photo s to follow :-)
7 years ago - Hi Phil. Nice idea and cool challenge. But: is there any way to give us (a time limited) -free- version of the app via Apple Testflight?
7 years ago - Hi Sergio, the photos you have taken are very nice, but the photos I'm looking for need to be multiple exposures shot with the Multiple Exposure app I listed in the creative brief. The purpose of the photo is to promote the app, so the photos need to be taken with the specific app.
7 years ago - I do not understand the pictures I inserted have been made with all iPhone iphone4 and 6 do not understand why not one of my photos is not chosen
7 years ago - Hey Everybody, just a reminder that the photos must be taken using the app and that no post-processing is allowed. This means no photoshop, changing rotation in photos app, etc... There is metadata in the photo (exposure value used, etc...) which I will need. The photo will also be used to teach.
7 years ago - shame is not for Android, but is still a nice challenge