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We are looking for photos of extreme destinations and adventure activities. Anywhere people travel to experience everything the outdoors has to offer with activities like rock climbing, kayaking and hang gliding.

Think off the beaten path destinations, adventurous, mountains, ponds.Locations should be in the United States.

Photographers must tag the location.

We will be selecting multiple shots at $25 a photo so upload plenty. Photos will be used for Instagram and photographer’s Instagram handle may be tagged for attribution.

The use of vehicles currently offered by Thrifty (to be found on www.thrifty.com/OurCars) is encouraged but not required.

Images that include people should do so without the individuals as the main focus. Images will be used on the brand’s Instagram account and other various social platforms. www.instagram.com/ThriftyRentalCars

Additional Requirements
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Environment :
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6 years ago - Thank you for purchasing my photograph. I am grateful for the business and am honored that you liked my image. -Jessie
6 years ago - Thank you so much for nomination.
6 years ago - My diving photo is good?
6 years ago - Hi, can I participate with pictures in another country, for example Costa Rica?