What if our roads fed the grid?

Adrian Gill
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We want images or illustrations of the concept around the question/tagline "What if our roads fed the grid?

Photos/images should not look stock. Images can are photo-shopped to convey the concept. Images must be at least 300dpi to accommodate large print use.

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9 years ago - Thank you for the purchase. I hope it works out for what you needed.
9 years ago - Thanx for the nomination :)
9 years ago - Thank you for the nomination;)
9 years ago - Thanks for the nominations
9 years ago - You got me
9 years ago - so here's my issue - I'm loading a photo of a road with filters reflecting light (my interpretation of grid), if I give this at 300 dpi the resolution is too high to load in snapwi.re
9 years ago - Do you want road pictures?
9 years ago - Clarification or sample image please
9 years ago - I believe they are talking about the electrical grid...
9 years ago - I am not quite sure if I understand the title...
9 years ago - Huh?