Will self driving cars make streets safer?

Adrian Gill
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We want ideas/concepts around the future of transportation where driverless cars make streets safer for all. Less accidents, safer for bikes & people.

Opportunity to let imagination run to make a boring question exciting! Open to images that are photo composition to convey the concept.

Can be a futuristic concept with people relaxing as they are driven.
Can also be separate concept where In this new world, texting and driving is now legal...
New ideas welcome!

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8 years ago - Email me thebigbrownvan@gmail.com
8 years ago - @johncirillo the downloaded photo isn't 300dpi. How can I get that from you?
8 years ago - Great thanks
8 years ago - Adrian, yes the photo is 300dpi.
8 years ago - We need a minimum of 300dpi for all images
8 years ago - @johncirillo can you let me know what pixels per inch(ppi) your photo with car and guy reading newspaper is?