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Photos of children aged between 6 and 12 in the home performing acts that suggest eco-friendly activity or thought.

Honest & real photography that does not look staged. Images should capture the naivety and innocence of children and their attempt to be eco-friendly. This content could be shot on a camera phone to support authenticity, providing the quality of the image is not compromised. It is preferable that the image is shot from an adults POV as if they were watching the child perform this eco-conscious behaviour. The child should be in shot.

Thought starters for situations... composting, recycling, growing vegetables, crafting things from empty containers, turning off light switches, cooking with leftovers, etc.

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10 years ago - Hi @alexwilliamson, I don't have any of the bin or her facing the camera on hand and would reshoot but we just got 16 inches of snow and everything is covered. So shooting outside is difficult right now.... So sorry.
10 years ago - @catherinefrost - would it be possible for you to upload any more images of your subject at the farm stand please? This scene could be great but the image you uploaded just isn't QUITE right... A situation where she is less posed would be fantastic if possible?
10 years ago - we've already purchased a few but are looking for a few more specific shots. These more directed shots are: - children from varying cultures cooking meals with the help of their parents/guardians - children sorting recycling into various recycling bins (different colours would be great)
10 years ago - guys these photos are amazing, thank you so much for your help.
10 years ago - @dakotagrown - could you upload any more shots of your subject with the composting bin please? Do you have any that include more of the subject - including the face?
10 years ago - Alex i want to Thank you for the purchase! Hope I could see the final application ;) thanks! H.
10 years ago - Congrats Tiffany! Your shots rulez! :)
10 years ago - Thanks so much for the nominations and purchases today Alex! I'd love to see the finished product if possible :)
10 years ago - @Alex Williamson ....thank you so much for the purchase!
10 years ago - Thank you for the second nomination :)
10 years ago - Thanks for the nom! She LOVES working at the family's farm stand!
10 years ago - another particular scene I am after is a child cooking (this could be an older child helping a parent to cook dinner or it could be a younger child pretending to cook at a toy kitchen)
10 years ago - Thanks for the nomination :)
10 years ago - i am looking for a variety of different scenes from this brief but one in particular is a child composting. that could be them putting food onto a compost heap, or carrying food waste into the garden...just some thought starters.
10 years ago - Sure Alex, I will look through what I have and try and find a few more that would work.
10 years ago - @dakotagrown do you have any more images like the few I've nominated of yours? If you have an album, could you upload a few more please?
10 years ago - Wow ! Thank you Alex for the nomination! ;)
10 years ago - Thanks! Really nice!
10 years ago - Thanks for the invite Alex! Submitted a few for you.