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a global ice cream brand
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I want to see photos of things you deeply love. What do you love? A milkshake? A walk in the park?

These images will be used by a global ice cream brand but the images do not have to be related to ice cream! The photos should have a very strong focus on the thing that you love. It shouldn't be too busy, and should feel loving. When someone sees this image, they should appreciate the love you felt for that thing. Photographs taken from your POV would be great. The imagery should not be limited to ice cream related things - objects within the photo can be as broad and varied as you like.

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9 years ago - I love sunsets and shadows !
9 years ago - The sunsets in Cali have been amazing! I have missed them all due to work ugh
9 years ago - Agreed!
9 years ago - Me too! And the beauty is they are free and happen daily!
9 years ago - I love watching Sunsets!