Unexpected Places to Meet

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We want to showcase all the non-glamorous places where we really meet our loved ones. These photos are for social media for a global ice cream brand.

I want to see pictures of places (not people) where people meet each other. The movies say that we should bump into each other at coffee shops, or knock a girls books out of her hand and help her pick them up. But that doesn't really happen - think more like the film '500 Days of Summer'. We want to celebrate the photocopiers at work, the line for the bathroom in a music venue, etc. They should show a scene that has the potential for love, in a very real and non-glamorous way. We want people to accept that it shouldn't have to be like the movies and see images to match that idea.

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10 years ago - Thanks so much for nomination Alex! Hope we can work together again :)
10 years ago - I guess my question would be, are photos with any number of people in them be disqualified? Are you totally set on having a complete person less scene?
10 years ago - Hi Alex, I am guessing you prefer horizontal photos?